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Protecting our precious wildlife

Australians love our precious native wildlife, but it's under threat as never before. We have one of the worst mammal extinction rates in the world, but we can turn around our biodiversity crisis. 

The road to recovery for threatened species

The Greens will deliver strong protections for our wildlife, and a $2 billion Biodiversity Fund to reverse the damage.

Australia is recognised globally as "mega‐diverse" — over 80% of mammals, reptiles and flowering plants exist only in Australia. But Australia's wildlife is facing an extinction crisis. Many of our famous and important animals and plants are in danger of becoming extinct.

The latest State of the Environment Report (2011) reported declines in many of our mammal species in all states, with the situation continuing to deteriorate. Overall, more than 1,700 species of animals and plants are listed by the federal government as being at risk of extinction.

Threatened Species

Remarkably, for all too many of our threatened species their critical habitats are not even properly mapped, let alone protected.

The Greens will chart the road to recovery for Australia's threatened species and ecosystems by strengthening protection for our threatened species across Australia's landscapes.

Australia's iconic species like koalas, wombats and bilbies in Queensland and New South Wales, Leadbeater’s Possums in Victoria, Swift Parrots and Tasmanian devils in Tasmania are in serious decline. Often “recovery plans” are in place, but they have no dedicated funding, and the loss of our wildlife continues. 

The Greens' four-year, $130 million Threatened Species Plan will identify and protect important habitat, and increase funding for threatened species management and research. 

Biodiversity Fund

Never before in history has our natural environment been threatened with such degradation from global warming, mining, logging, tree clearing and unsustainable land use. Our precious places need protection, and we must re-connect patches of critical habitat to allow our native wildlife to thrive.

The Greens will re-establish and double the Biodiversity Fund, which was axed by the Coalition, with $2 billion in funding over six years.

The Biodiversity Fund will support a program to expand and better manage our World Heritage Areas, national parks, Indigenous Protected Areas and private land conservation. It will help to expand our National Reserve System by thousands of hectares every year. The Fund will focus in part on projects with a double benefit — both carbon storage and biodiversity outcomes.

The Greens were founded on the vision of a robust and healthy environment, and that vision continues today. We are working hard to protect our native wildlife and wild places in the Parliament.

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