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Science and Innovation

Our future lies with our minds, not our mines

The old parties wasted the resources boom and have failed to plan for the future as record mining investment winds down. Manufacturing in Australia has been under increasing pressure.

Investing in the future

The industries that will sustain us in the future — research, healthcare, education, clean energy — are regularly attacked by the old parties.

The Greens will redirect the $12 billion currently subsidising the fossil fuel industries of the past to the jobs growth areas of the future.

Research and development

The Greens aim to increase Australia’s investment in research and innovation to 3 per cent of GDP.

Our research investment plan moves us towards this aim and will help deliver a highly skilled workforce, vital research infrastructure and incentives for business to participate. We will increase funding, improve access to information, foster national and international collaboration and deliver the research and innovation Australia needs to remain competitive.

Our research investment plan

  • Secure and boost research funding for the long term
  • Restore funding to the CSIRO and Cooperative Research Centres
  • Establish Integrated Research Centres and fund critical research infrastructure
  • Make funds available to help translate discoveries into new treatments
  • Reject Labor and Liberal cuts to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency

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