Amanda Stone

”I'm an Abbotsford local and I love living in such a diverse and vibrant community. I care about making Yarra as fair and inclusive as it can be and stand for open and transparent local government.”

A long-term Yarra resident, Amanda has been active in campaigns to protect the liveability of Yarra, the natural values of the Yarra Corridor and she was instrumental in the development of the Abbotsford Convent arts project. After a career in education, as a teacher, counsellor and assistant principal, Amanda was elected to Yarra Council in 2008 as both a Councillor and Mayor. She is currently an education consultant, a board member of 2 not-for-profits and chair of Collingwood Headspace.

Amanda loves working closely with her community to protect the interests of local residents and business owners. She is currently driving an Urban Forest Strategy to green and cool the city and protect biodiversity

During Amanda’s term as Mayor and Councillor, she helped drive climate change action, resulting in Yarra being the first carbon-neutral council in Victoria, and the first One Planet certified council in Australia. Amanda has fought to increase bicycle infrastructure including Yarra’s first separated bike lane, advocating for public transport, especially Doncaster Rail, and pushing back on state government road projects which threaten Yarra's liveability, such as East West Link.

Amanda has chosen to stand with The Greens due to a shared vision of a society that cares about people and the environment. Amanda is committed to protecting the diversity and culture of Yarra. She believes her experience and knowledge will allow her to stand for decisions that have positive impacts for the area and its people, as opposed to individual councillors, developers and corporations.


Amanda Stone

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Level 1, 45 William Street Melbourne 3000

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