Frontline domestic violence services are under threat | Australian Greens

Frontline domestic violence services are under threat

Right now, crucial front line services for victims and survivors of domestic violence are under threat, facing massive funding cuts from the federal government.  

Community Legal Centres help women and children fleeing domestic violence, and provide vital advice to the broader community in areas like family law, housing, welfare and domestic violence orders. They do it all on a shoestring budget.  

Malcolm Turnbull claims to support action on domestic violence, but at the same time, his government is cutting funding. It’s sheer hypocrisy.  

The Liberal-National government's budget will cut 30% of community legal centre funding from 1 July this year, ripping out more than $34 million over three years. This means staff cuts and fewer sufferers of DV able to get free legal support. Some services are already shedding experienced staff now.

Our specialist women’s domestic violence and sexual assault services need long-term, secure funding. At the last election, the Greens called for a $5 billion, 10-year commitment to fund frontline services. So far, both the old parties have failed to match that plan.  

These services are already overwhelmed and can’t keep up with demand.  A funding cut now would be a disaster.

Talking big on domestic violence while cutting funding to frontline services is total hypocrisy and will cost lives. Stand with us against the cuts to frontline services and stop victims of domestic violence falling through the cracks.