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It's time for high speed rail

Petition: Build high speed rail on our east coast

High speed rail’s time has come, but Australia needs courage and vision to get it moving. Only the Greens have a vision and a plan to build a clean, efficient, transport future. Just when we need to improve the affordability and connectedness between our south-eastern cities, boost the opportunities of our regional centres, support manufacturing jobs and reduce our transport emissions, the promises of high speed rail are here.

The Greens stand ready to deliver them. We have led the debate on high speed rail over successive terms in parliament. In 2010, we secured a $20 million feasibility study into high speed rail that demonstrated high speed rail will cut pollution, enhance business and passenger transport and generate positive economic returns. We need to see some real commitment by government, not just more pre-election announcements.

Together, we can continue this momentum and build a modern transport system for our country.