#RenewAustralia | Australian Greens




Australia’s economic future is clean and green, or it is no future at all. The Greens have a plan to Renew Australia, leading the transition to a clean energy powered future and tackling the threat posed by global warming.

The Greens’ plan for a clean energy powered economy will secure all the benefits of lower prices, more jobs and significant export opportunities for innovative technologies and services.

Our plan to Renew Australia

  • Ensure that energy generation is at least 90% renewable by 2030 and our energy efficiency is doubled
  • Establish a new $500 million government authority – RenewAustralia – tasked with planning and driving the transition to a new clean energy system to leverage $5 billion of construction in new energy generation over the next four years
  • Create a $250 million Clean Energy Transition Fund to assist coal workers and communities with the transition
  • Implement pollution intensity standards to enable the gradual, staged closure of coal-fired power stations, starting with Australia’s dirtiest — Hazelwood