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No Weapons Deals

Although it's hard to believe things could get worse, the Turnbull Government is taking our country to new lows in 2018. It seems their only economic plan for our kids future employment and prosperity is to rapidly expand our military industrial complex and make Australia a global arms dealer. And it seems the Labor Party is clamouring to support the plan. It’s only criticism is that it would do it better!

This is not who we are as a country.

The Turnbull Government is acting like a warlord, aiming to deal weapons that help fuel global conflict, bloodshed and human misery. They are already exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia as it commits war crimes in Yemen. Do you trust this Government to export weapons ethically?

We’re calling on the Government to drop its plan to spend billions of tax payer dollars on propping up industries manufacturing machines that kill people, and instead spend that money on exports that will build a positive future like renewables, advanced medical technology and education services. We also call on the Labor Party to oppose this plan.

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