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Future of our Social Safety Net

Join in A National Conversation about the Future of our Social Safety Net

Australia’s social safety net is in serious trouble. It is outdated, inflexible and unable to meet the needs posed by a 21st Century workforce; we need a new approach to tackling inequality, poverty and insecure work.

The Greens are at the forefront of this debate- to create a fairer, just and economically viable system. Everyone has the right to access an adequate  income to enable them to fully participate in society. 

The Greens are part of a national conversation about big bold ideas like a Universal Basic Income and a shorter working week to ensure that we have a fairer more flexible system that can address the 21st century challenges we face.

The idea of a Universal Basic Income is gaining traction in the community and around the world, it is one solution that we could look at in Australia, it could transform our system, create opportunity and reduce inequality.

Join in the discussion of what a Green Universal Basic Income looks like and how it could be implemented.