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End Greyhound Racing

After promising to end greyhound racing in NSW, the Liberals have back flipped. They have put politics before principle and is now planning to overturn the ban.

After campaigning for this cruel industry to continue, NSW Labor will chalk this up as a win. But this is devastating news for the thousands of dogs who are slaughtered all for the sake of a bet.

The greyhound racing industry has been given plenty of opportunities to reform, and has failed at every turn. It's time this inhumane industry was shut down – not just in NSW but nationally.

Join us in calling for a ban on greyhound racing in your state. The initial ban was a hard fought community-driven victory, and together we can apply pressure not just on the Baird government, but every other state premier who we know will be watching this issue unfold closely.

No dog deserves to be treated like a commodity, discarded once they are no longer profitable.

The Greens are calling for a ban on greyhound racing Australia-wide.  With proposed bans in NSW and the ACT soon to be debated, passing these Bills is critical to winning a nationwide industry ban. 

The Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in NSW concluded that animal cruelty is not only systemic to the industry, but that the industry is unlikely to reform.  

  • 68,000 greyhounds are slaughtered before reaching the track
  • Up to 20% of trainers have been found to use live baiting
  • Four Corners confirmed in December 2015 that many trainers export their greyhounds to Macau for being too slow for Australian races. The dogs languish in concrete cells, regularly sustain injuries and experience a 100% euthanasia rate.
  • The industry is unsustainable and declining: While about 13,000 people participate in the greyhound racing industry, the industry employs at most 1,500 people directly and indirectly, including transport and retail workers alongside trainers and breeders. The Greens are advocating for a just transition for workers with opportunities to reskill and retrain in other industries.
My colleagues across Australia in state parliaments are working hard to end greyhound racing in their states: Mehreen Faruqi MLC in NSW, Shane Rattenbury MLC in ACT, Caroline Le Couter - animal welfare spokesperson in the ACT, Sue Pennicuik MLC in VIC, Tammy Franks MLC in SA, Lynn MacLaren MLC in WA, and Andrea Dawkins MLC in TAS. 

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