End the debt debacle | Australian Greens

End the debt debacle

Thousands of Australians have been affected by the government’s Centrelink debt recovery program. It’s time to end this debt debacle.

When the Turnbull government decided to remove human oversight from Centrelink’s debt notification process, it had a real human impact. Since late 2016, thousands of Australians have received automated debt notices -- some of these were six years old and to the tune of $24,000.

Greens MP offices have since heard from many hundreds of distressed Australians about their distressing experience of receiving a notification.

This has gone on long enough and has to stop. Join us in calling on the Government to suspend the debt recovery system.

Many thousands of Australians have been affected by the underfunded and understaffed Centrelink system. Some have received a debt notice, while others have had to wait over three hours on the phone to speak to someone or had their payments cut off entirely with no warning.

The message is clear: This system does not work.