Energy Companies Are Screwing Us Over | Australian Greens

Energy Companies Are Screwing Us Over

Power companies are gaming our electricity system. They’re putting massive profits ahead of access to electricity for all of us, and Malcolm Turnbull is letting them get away with it.

Our energy system needs a total re-write to support renewable energy and stop rewarding dodgy behaviour by mega-corporations who give huge political donations year after year.

We cannot let corporations manipulate our energy stability for profit.

Three critical failures:

  1. Big energy companies manipulate the market to drive up prices and make more money -- and this can result in system overload at critical times (such as South Australia’s recent blackouts).
  2. Malcolm Turnbull is protecting the coal industry and energy corporations, instead of taking action to build renewable energy sources, because he thinks he can get away with it.
  3. Last year’s South Australia blackouts were caused by damage to energy infrastructure. But Turnbull and his Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, lied outright by claiming renewables let us down. A mistake is one thing but to outright lie only shows how in-the-pocket of coal and big energy the Liberals really are.