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Reject Live Export of Horses and Ponies

Stop the Expansion of Live Export for Slaughter to Horses and Ponies.

The federal government is secretly considering including horses, ponies and donkeys in the cruel live export trade for slaughter in overseas markets.

Senate Estimate hearings have confirmed that these equine species are not currently subjected to the failed ESCAS scheme that is supposed to regulate the live export trade. Under this scheme since 2016 more than 17,000 animals have died on board ships leaving Australian ports.

Now the Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, is on the record saying he wants Australian donkey skins to be sold for consumption in overseas markets*.

Staff at the Department of Agriculture are drafting advice to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources to consider including horses and donkeys in the ESCAS scheme – paving the way for live export of those animals for slaughter.

The Greens are trying to get our hands on a copy of the draft Equine Amendment Order but so far no MPs have been provided with a copy.

Conditions on board live export ships are horrific and exporters are unable to assure animal welfare standards in overseas feedlots and slaughterhouses.

The Greens have a plan to end live exports and transition to an export trade in chilled boxed meat. This plan will create jobs, ensure the highest possible standards of animal welfare and end the cruelty of live export ships.

Join our action to say no to the cruel live export of horse, ponies and donkeys - Sign this petition to send a strong message to the Australian Parliament that we want live exports stopped, not expanded.