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Malcolm Turnbull, Don't Cut Paid Parental Leave

Stand alongside mums, dads, and families

Looking after a new child is one of the most important jobs in the world. We're calling on Malcolm Turnbull to protect working parents' rights to the current 18-weeks Paid Parental Leave.

Why is this important? 

Currently, half of all women who work have access to employer sponsored maternity leave – this includes teachers, nurses and many other women in low paid work, as well as those on middle incomes. In the last Parliament, the Greens worked with the Senate to defeat this bill. But now, Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal government want to bring their dead plans back to life.

The World Health Organisation recommends that new mums spend 26 weeks at home with their babies. The Greens want mums and dads to have more paid time off with their newborns, not less. We're standing for a proper Paid Parental Leave scheme and well-funded childcare that supports all families, especially those on low and middle incomes.