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Protect our Forests

Australia’s native forests are still being logged. They are home to incredible and diverse animals and plants and are critical for human life, combatting global warming by soaking up and storing carbon, and providing us with clean air and water.

They are irreplaceable and they deserve to be protected for the native species that call them home and for future generations to enjoy.

In my home state of Victoria, native forest is being logged at an alarming rate to produce paper and it has pushed the Victorian animal emblem, the Leadbeater’s Possum, to be declared critically endangered.

The Australian Greens have a Bill in the parliament to scrap the logging laws that are allowing the destruction of our native forests. Join us to call on all members of parliament to scrap the ‘Regional Forest Agreements’ that were set up last century. These outdated laws are preventing Australia from moving out of native forest logging and sending threatened species to extinction.  

We need 21st-century forest management. This includes:

  • Scrapping the failed logging laws currently in place

  • Shifting to a sustainable plantation-based industry.

  • Returning federal environmental protections to native forests.

The Greens oppose the reckless government mismanagement, signed off by the Prime Minister and state Premiers under “Regional Forest Agreements”, that is destroying our precious native forests.

Sign now to demand the Prime Minister scraps the outdated logging laws, so we can grant our forests, and the animals, plants and people who depend on them, the protection they need.

Senator Janet Rice in Errinundra National Park, Victoria