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Support the Safe Schools Coalition


UPDATE: Prime Minister Turnbull has caved in to his ultra-conservative backbench and announced that the government will water down and cut the Safe Schools program. Sign now and make it clear that we want this decision reversed and Safe Schools’ funding restored!

Please spread the word and demand that the Prime Minister puts the safety of LGBTI students at school first. The Safe Schools Coalition is under attack.

This is a vital education program which is turning the tide on bullying, hate and discrimination in our schoolyards. 

The far-right of the Liberal Party brought an anti-Safe Schools Coalition petition to the parliament. Add your voice now so we can counter this hateful petition.

Let’s show the hateful, backwards forces in the Liberal Party that we won’t stand for their antiquated and hurtful campaign.

Sign the petition to counter the Liberals’ attacks and show your support for the Safe Schools Coalition.