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Make It Medicine

Join our campaign to ensure medicinal cannabis and make this medication available to those who need it.

The Australian Greens have introduced new legislation to the parliament, which will remove unfair regulatory burden that is preventing terminally ill patients from accessing medicinal cannabis that has been prescribed by their doctor, in a timely manner.

The current approach to medicinal cannabis in Australia is a regulatory mess which is failing patients. There is strong community and political support for reform to make this medication available to those who need it.

As Leader of the Greens and a drug and alcohol doctor, Richard Di Natale continues to work with experts, patients and politicians from all sides of politics to deliver policy reform that ensures access to medicinal cannabis for every patient who needs it.

The Greens will not back down from our work to ensure patients can access the medicine they need.  The Greens will continue to campaign for this issue until the Government puts in place a program that gives Australian patients a reliable, pain-free pathway to the treatments they need.

Australian-made Medicinal Cannabis

Our legislation ensures terminally ill patients can gain faster access to Australian made medicinal cannabis products, not just imports.

Current rights for patients to access medicinal cannabis, which were restored by the Greens in June, mean medicinal cannabis needs to be imported, rather than be supplied by Australian suppliers.

We need to fix the issues with medicinal cannabis to ensure real, reliable, access for all the Australians who need it.

The Greens are listening to the voice of our most vulnerable patients. We are their champion in parliament and we will keep fighting for appropriate access to high-quality medicinal cannabis for those who need it.

Disallowing unfair regulation

This year, the Greens passed an important disallowance through the Senate that overturned restrictions that were preventing terminally ill patients from accessing medicinal cannabis as quickly as they needed.

Despite this win, the government has not complied- they’re ignoring the Parliament and the law. The regulator is threatening suppliers and denying the rights of patients and medicine is not flowing to those who need it.

The Greens’ have announced new legislation to ensure that terminally ill patients have faster access to the medical cannabis they are prescribed by their doctor to help manage their pain, and the government must listen follow the law, not just their own biased ideology.

This legislation would mean patients who are currently waiting weeks and sometimes months for access to these treatments will have their wait time cut to less than a day – just like any other pain medication.